Herbert was a part of the Icelandic National Church when he was born. When he had grown up he discovered that he didn’t feel right in the Icelandic National Church and decided to leave the church. He joined the world of Buddha. For a while, every time Herbert spoke publicly, he talked about Buddism. For instance in the TV program “Sjálfstætt Fólk” (Independent People) Herbert showed how he meditated every day. Then on the 26th of September 2007 an article was written in the Icelandic newspaper “Blaðið” about Herbert Guðmundsson. There it was made public that Herbert had left Buddhism because he had become a vibrant Christian after having a spiritual experience in a prayer meeting with some friends in Iceland that was held at that time in Ármúli a street in Reykjavík by a Christian group named “Kærleikurinn” (“Charity”). Following this experience he got baptised in the Pentecostal “Filadelfia” church in Iceland, and has since been an active gospel artist (album “Spegill Sálarinnar” / “Open Your Eyes” released in 2008) with a recommendation for his work as such given by the Bishop of the Icelandic National Church.