In 2003 when Herbert appeared in the TV show “Jón Ólafs” (show hosted by Jón Ólafsson, where he talks to famous musicians) Herbert played along with Jón Ólafsson a new song written by Herbert Guðmundsson.The performance on youtube. The song was called “Magic Feeling”. Herbert often sings about how one can feel or act so the lyrics of this song are examplatory for Herbert’s music. This song was released on the album “Spegill Sálarinnar” in 2008. In the summer of 2005, Herbert played in Rás 2 along with Lokbrá, for life radio. They played a new song made by Herbert, called “Driving Wild”. The song is about a man who is so down that he is driving fast to try to forget his problems. Later that day Herbert went for an interview in Rás 2 where he decided to play the song “Driving Wild” himself only with his own guitar.